In 2007, Pilates Designs LLC was established by Sylvia Adamopoulos and the late Basil Blecher to create exceptional handmade apparatus for our cherished Pilates community. As a small independent business in the heart of New York City, Pilates Designs has cultivated a broad following around the world, served thousands of international and local teachers, trainers, and enthusiasts alike, and has recently expanded the traditional Pilates line to preserve Joe Pilates’ original designs, while modernizing his equipment to accommodate the demands of today’s Classical Pilates.

In addition to maintaining the integrity of Mr. Pilates’ designs, Sylvia has teamed up with renown trainers to add two additional renowned lines of equipment:

Sylvia and Kathi Ross Nash, CEO of The Red Thread Ranch in Bradenton, Florida, collaborated to ideate the Archival line that preserves the essence and feel of Joe’s classical vision with contemporary designs of the Reformer, Wunda, High, and Arm chairs. Pilates Designs successfully realized this line’s paramount necessity with its well-received launch in 2017 and continues to work with Kathi today to create more apparatus with Archival specifications in mind.

Our second and more recent Vintage line centers restoration in its design and production to recreate apparatus that were used by Joe and famous Pilates elder Kathy Grant. Sylvia and Blossom Leilani Crawford, owner of Bridge Pilates in Brooklyn, New York, have collaborated to uphold the simplistic, yet elegant, designs of the Vintage Spine Corrector and Vintage Wunda Chair.

It is no secret that other Pilates manufacturers have sought to introduce their own versions of these pieces; however, Pilates Designs asserts its originality with its informed reimagination and handmade craftsmanship.

Sylvia leads the sole woman-owned independent Pilates manufacturing facility in the U.S. Together with her husband, Panos, and her son, Konstantine, she is profoundly grateful for the opportunity to contribute to the continuously evolving and inspiring Pilates community.


So here’s to you, the teacher, trainer, enthusiast, or interested passerby—we know you will love our stuff.


With much love,


Konstantine Adamopoulos